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Zero Waste Wall

- Bye. By. Burnside


Interior renovation


Los Angeles, California


45' x 10'



Zero Waste


According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), the building construction industry reported an average waste generation rate of about 4.3 lb/ft².  600 million tons of construction and demolition debris was generated in the United States in 2018, which is more than twice the amount of generated municipal solid waste.


Bye.By.Burnside explores a design process minimizing construction waste. With 4x8 plywood sheets, one of the most used building materials, cut patterns to reconstruct a wall is developed in similar way of making a puzzle. Somewhere in between digital and manual process of pattern making, each cut patterns are designed without generating scraps. 

This project has won the First Prize at the Baku International Award and has been featured in the Frame Magazine.

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